The Heart of Dog Care

Let’s face it… it’s the city. Your dog needs to be walked. Sometimes you can’t do it.

That’s where we come in.

Beast Masters makes ownership not only possible, but easy in the urban jungle.

About Our Walks

We use communication with the dog over basic methods of simple “punishment” or “reward” techniques. We want to build a special bond with every one in our group. We also want to do it with complete safety.

Beast Masters work in tandem to ensure safety and efficiency.


We use constant real-time radio contact with all Beast Masters in the field for efficiency and safety.

We use unbreakable leashes that are secured to the Beast Master using climbing strength gear.


But it’s not all about the equipment. Our knowledge and skills are really what we bring to the table. We personally interview and evaluate every dog appropriately¬†before introducing them to the group. We separate groups into similar sizes when necessary. We do not introduce overly aggressive dogs to the group.

Our primary concern is safety and happiness.

Group Walks

You may have seen “pack walks” before but the Beast Master Group Walks are an innovation that we count ourselves artisans of.

We carefully select which dogs will work well with one another.

Having a hyperactive working breed with an older slower companion breed is not ideal for anyone.

Culminating the appropriate energy for each pack is what makes the Beast Master Group Walk the best way to socialize your dog.

Relief Walks

Some dogs simply need a bathroom break.

The Relief walk is recommended for older dogs, young puppies or to supplement with a longer walk.

Why don't we do individual walks?

There are many who walk dogs one at a time. We’re not against that… for them.

For us, our skill set is best used to socialize and train dogs as a group. A sort of a niche that we have developed and believe in.

We truly believe that a walk is more enjoyable for dogs in a group. Sometimes you see individual dogs on a walk and the only thing they are interested in is seeing other dogs, in the pack they safely and comfortably get their “fix”.