Troy Thompson

Beast Master Field Agent

Code Name: Magician

Super Ability: Jumping

Special Skill: Can wave hand and say “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

Weakness: His special skill doesn’t work.

Troy exemplifies what it is to be a professional in the animal industry. Knowing the business inside and out makes him a valuable member of the Beast Master Family.

Where It All Began

As a youngster, Troy worked walking professionally for his family. Wanting to turn a job into a career, Troy was a natural fit for the Beast Masters. He’s now committed to making the lives of our Beasts the best they can be.

Personal History

Hailing from Brooklyn, Troy thanks his Grandfather for instilling in him that “Not everything is handed to you and to work hard.” Troy now dedicates his whole self whenever he does anything in life. Providing the best care for the dogs is his number one priority.

His Pet Family

Not only does Troy love dogs, but he’s a true Master of Beasts; Owning 2 cats and a snake. Quoting “I love my snake. They are very misunderstood.” Troy now counts and treats all our dogs as his own.