“I feel the need… the need, for speed!”

Maverick and Goose

They need to burn energy!

Some dogs, such as working breeds, have so much energy that just being walked won’t burn nearly enough of it.

Running is the best way to let a dog do what it does. Of course in the city you can’t quite “let them loose”.

A Beast Master Run is the best run!

Running Details

By attaching the dogs to a running belt, we make the run as safe and fun as possible.

A typical run is anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Averaging about 4 miles.

They are typically run along the Hudson River Parkway to have the safest and least interrupted workout.

Roller Blade Option

Some have so much energy that a run can’t even tire them out.

We offer roller blading to let your dog run as fast as they can handle.

If they’re not tired after one of these sessions… There’s something wrong with them.