Phil Tenteromano

Beast Master Field Agent

Code Name: MacGyver

Super Ability: Quick Learner

Special Skill: Making Gingerbread Houses

Weakness: He would get away with more if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

The 3 F’s in life are Family, Friends and Phil…. maybe not exactly that, but the moment anyone meets Phil they get a sense of trust and competence. Beast Masters is proud to have him as part of the family.

Where It All Began

After retiring from the Army, and while attending school for a degree in Computer Science (our boy’s wicked smaht!) Phil joined up with the Beast Masters. His work ethic and attention to detail are prevalent and an asset. Growing up around dogs and the love of outdoors and his quick learning ability made Phil an easy and obvious fit for the family.

Personal History

Born and raised in Brooklyn with his older brothers, Phil became tough and accustomed to a competitive work ethic. He entered the army in 2012. Putting in his time and service, Phil decided to go back to school afterward. He is still enlisted in the reserves but is definitely enjoying his newly found free time.

His Pet Family

Phil’s first dog was a yellow lab named Max. With Max, Phil quickly learned the value of animal companionship. The family’s next dog, Badabing, a Shih Tzu had a litter of four. Phil misses owning a pet but gets plenty of pup time hanging with all the Beasts.