Maciej Barteczka

Field Manager

Code Name: Lil’ Buddy

Super Ability: Calming Energy

Special Skill: Interpretive Dancing to “Stairway to Heaven”

Weakness: Snicker Bars

Maciej (pronounced “mah-chay”) is the company work horse. As one of the original Beast Masters, you’ll never see him sitting around. With passion for his work and eagerness to learn, the Beast Masters count him vital to the company. He truly is one of a kind. There is no other Maciej!

Where It All Began

It takes strength, trustworthiness and hard work to become a Beast Master. Maciej exhibits all of these qualities in spades. The knowledge, talent and skill he illustrates rivals any walker in the city.

His dedication and eagerness to learn, qualities that he describes as being “instilled by his family”, have made his transition into the dog care career enjoyable and seamless.

Personal History

Maciej grew up in Queens and moved to Colorado at the age of 13. Having met our Chief of Awesomeness, Tyler, during his employ at Tyler’s roofing and construction company; he was able to exhibit the work ethic and trustworthiness we expect from every Beast Master. Searching for the right fit for Beast Masters is no easy task, but Tyler knew that Maciej was a perfect fit.

Pet History

Maciej’s family dog Rocky, a lively and lovable dachshund, unfortunately still resides in Colorado. Knowing all too well how hard it is to own a dog in the city, makes Maciej’s drive to make urban pet life that much better for all Beast Master clients.