Karina Santana

Beast Master Field Agent

Code Name: Ninja

Super Ability: Stealth

Special Skill: Healing Powers

Weakness: Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

Karina’s life-long dedication to understanding beasts makes her a vital member of the Beast Master Family.

Where It All Began

Striving to understand more and get better is Karina’s Beast Master philosophy. When she doesn’t have a dog in hand, she has a book. With her experience working at a pet store and working as a vet tech, Karina is constantly reaching to improve her already vast animal knowledge and skills. With a limited amount of options to make life with pets a career, Karina understood immediately that life as a Beast Master was meant for her.

Personal History

Growing up in Manhattan, Karina understands and appreciates the vibrancy and life of the city streets. Surrounded by a community of hard workers who value self-improvement keeps her on her feet and striving for excellence. Through a lifetime of experience, Karina values the added worth that pets bring to life and understands that you can learn as much about yourself, if not more, through caring for animals.

Her Pet Family

Rocks! That was Karina’s first childhood pet and best friend. Growing up together they created a special bond that only pet parents could possibly understand. When he passed, Karina’s devastation left her with doubt that she’d ever find another like him. Though you can never replace a loved one, the surprise gift of Koda helped her regain faith and companionship.