Jasmine Barham

Field Agent

Code Name: Roadrunner

Super Ability: Leaping

Special Skill: Sneezing Quietly

Weakness: One time accidentally drank bubbles and now trusts no one

Jasmine has proven a valuable asset with her quick learning ability and genuine caring nature. Beast Masters is made better by her presence daily.

Where it All Began

After college, Jasmine was working odd jobs to make ends meet. Looking for more of a solid lifestyle, and also wanting to work with animals, she was a great fit from early on. Jasmine quickly stepped up to be the kind of person any company would be happy and proud to have to represent the business.

Personal History

Brooklyn born and bred, Jasmine is a natural people person and self-described “busy-bee”. She’s always up for adventure and never stops moving. One of her long time passions is Lacrosse, and when she can’t get that fix, she works out like a maniac. Her mother is her biggest role model, Jasmine tries to emulate her kindness, intelligence, and hard work ethic every day. All qualities that make her a hell of a Beast Master.

Her Pet Family

Jasmine’s 13-year-old Pekingese, Gizmo, and her rescue puppy peek-a-poo, Sosa, keep Jasmine’s feet warm at night. She understands the value and enrichment that owning an animal brings which transfers over to her love of the work.