Emily Kubick

Operations Manager

Code Name: Wonder Girl

Super Ability: Organization

Special Skill: Napping

Weakness: Clouds

Emily perfectly inhabits what a Beast Master should be through her intelligence, patience and finesse. She is a true asset to the company with her dedication to making sure everything runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Where it All Began

Having worked in the pet care world already, Emily saw the opportunity with the Beast Masters as a perfect fit for her. She recognized and continues to institute the level of care that is expected towards each and every Beast Master dog. Staying active and always challenging herself; Emily remains devoted to the goal to not only implement but improve upon what the Beast Masters do.

Personal History

Emily grew up in New York City with her mother who inspires and instills in her not only a solid work ethic, but a unique ability to get outside of her comfort zone. Whether it be walking through her native streets or climbing trees in New Jersey with her adventurous father, Emily is always going and seeking reasons to be outside. Being an environment where quality is number one, Beast Masters is proud to have someone as talented, intelligent and committed as Emily.

Her Pet Family

Emily has owned a variety of animals throughout her life including birds, bunnies, mice and dogs. She understands the care and love necessary for pets, especially in the city. Emily recently adopted her catahoula mix, Mad Max! Since the first day the two have been inseparable. Emily genuinely treats every Beast Master dog with as much love and care as her own.