Louise and Dougal

Long Haired Chihuahua mix

“I cannot recommend the Beast Masters more highly. My dog was completely crazy until he started walking with the Beast Masters and now he is happy and relaxed and balanced. They are fantastic! Each has a remarkable understanding of dogs (and the human issues that make dogs crazy).

Dougal was rescued from the streets of Brooklyn with serious anxiety and behavior issues. Cesar Milan would have called him a “red zone” dog that he would have sent straight to the Dog Psychology Center. Since he has been part of the Beast Masters pack, he is a different dog.

The Beast Masters have been walking him for just over two years and his life has improved beyond imagination. His red zone behavior has disappeared. My neighbors didn’t recognize him when they would see him walking with the Beast Masters pack because he looked so proud, relaxed and calm under the supervision of Adam and Tyler. I don’t even recognize him. Adam had to send me a video to prove that Dougal greets them calmly and happily gave them no trouble putting on his walking collar and lead. I love seeing Dougal in pictures on Facebook enjoying his day with the pack.

Thank you Adam, Tyler and the rest of the capable Beast Masters crew! You are the best!”