The Clubhouse

Your dog’s second apartment

To be the most comfortable while you’re at work or on vacation, your dog needs to feel that they’re at their home away from home.

Just as important, you need to know that they’re in the best hands possible.

To ensure this, Beast Masters Daycare and Boarding is offered to the dogs that come over at least 5 days a week under the Comprehensive Care Package.

Why 5 days a week?

Because stress is a leading cause of sickness in animals, it is imperative that we make the boarding facility as stress-free as possible. We do this by making sure that every dog knows each and every other dog that comes over. This promotes “pack behavior”, avoiding aggression, stress, and illness.

Since we see the same dogs every day, we’re able to stay on top of their health, effectively keeping sick dogs away from healthy dogs.

Another common misconception is that a dog should be exhausted when they get home. This is actually an issue that can very often lead to illness. Dogs need at least 14 hours of sleep a day. Regulated play is very important and dogs that seldom come over will play till they drop; as well as stressing out calm and/or tired dogs.

What's the Price

Comprehensive Care is a flat rate system. We do this to make sure we always have room for every dog we care for. There are no blackout dates and holidays are always guaranteed (nobody else can offer that). All packages are tailored to each dog and owner’s needs (e.g. breed, age, size, energy, schedule). Please call or email for package customization and pricing.

Are There Additional Fees?

We do not “nickel and dime”! All walks, feeding, administration of medications, etc. are all covered under the flat price.

Who watches the dogs overnight?

Many places will mislead you when they say the dog is cared for overnight. Some use cameras to watch the dogs. Some just put the dogs in cages and hope for the best. WE DO NOT DO THIS! We have a Beast Master on premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you use cages?

Beast Masters is proudly a “cage free” facility. “Couches not Crates” is our motto.

For more information see “Comprehensive Care Packages”