Comprehensive Care Packages

What the heck is that?

Specialty services that only Beast Masters can offer.


As a member of the comprehensive “pack”, all walks are covered within the plan.

Day Care

Beast Master day care is no ordinary experience. Your pet will remain with the Beast Masters all day long, right by our side. We limit membership availability to ensure that all dogs are enjoying themselves safely with their familiar flock.


Under the Comprehensive Care Package, no need to stress about what to do with your dog when you go out of town. Members are guaranteed overnight care while jet setting. Even if short notice.

Grooming Appointments

Another feature of the Comprehensive Care Package is that a Beast Master will arrange and orchestrate grooming runs. So all you need to do is enjoy your fresh pup.

Vet Visits

No matter the type, temperament or size of your dog they’re going to need to go to the doc. The health and well being of our members is our number one priority. As a member of the Comprehensive Care Package, a Beast Master can arrange all veterinary visits upon request.

All packages are membership based. Memberships are flat rates paid monthly.

Comprehensive Care Packages have limited availability.

If at capacity, we welcome you to join our wait list.

All memberships require approval.