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Train Your Dog Like a Baby


By: Tyler Kent CPDT - KA My daughter is ten months old. I find myself talking to her much like I talk to my dogs. I reward her with “good girls” and excitement when she does something new, like [...]

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The White Terrier: Sturdy, Small, and Fearless


By: Emily Kubick The West Highland White Terrier, nicknamed the Westie, is a small and sturdy terrier. Like most terriers, they were originally used for hunting rats, foxes, and small rodents. I do [...]

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The Dog Won’t Stop Scratching


By: Tyler Kent CPDT-KA We had a baby. Then my dog got ALD. What is ALD you ask? Well, it’s acral lick dermatitis. This is a health/behavior problem where your dog starts to chew off patches of fu [...]

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Leopard Hog Mutt of Louisiana


By: Emily Kubick The time has come! I get to talk about my favorite topic, my Maxy! Mad Max is an incredibly handsome 3ish-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix who I adopted Max about a year and a ha [...]

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Canine Noggins: Skull Morphology


By Emily Kubick After thousands and thousands of years of evolution, domestication, and selective breeding, we are left with a plethora of dog breeds in all different shapes and sizes. The main com [...]

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“Stop that dog!”


By: Tyler Kent CPDT-KA I’ve been training my Belgian Malinois late at night on the street. We use this time for distractions, but also because I live in an apartment with limited space. Why is my [...]

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