Ariel Sepulveda

Beast Master Field Agent

Code Name: Titan

Super Ability: Strength

Special Skill: Growing Awesome mustaches

Weakness: You know when a hair gets stuck in your mouth and you can’t get it? That.

Since the day Ariel joined the Beast Masters, he has embodied the concept of dog walking as a lifestyle, not a job.

Where It All Began

For a long time Ariel lived the “vampire life” of working at clubs and bars. To escape into the light, he joined the Beast Masters. Having the right temperament and work ethic, the skills of the job came to him very quickly. He is now indisposable as part of the Beast Master Family.

Personal History

Ariel attributes his work ethic and life outlook to growing up around kind, humble and hard working people in the Dominican Republic. Strong family values with role models like his mother keep Ariel working at always being better at whatever he does. Ariel never does anything halfheartedly. From playing semi-pro baseball, to his success as a professional Muay Thai fighter; Ariel always brings his “A Game” and what he brings to the Beast Masters is no exception.

His Pet Family

Having a tragic incident with his first dog at 8 years old, Ariel was hesitant to own another pet until recently. Working with animals makes one appreciate the bond and value that owning a dog can bring to your life. Ariel recently adopted his new best buddy Bolo!