Adopted Dogs

“You can’t change a dog’s past, but you can rewrite their future.”

In an ongoing effort to save “one dog at a time”, we at the Beast Masters have helped many dogs end up where they’re supposed to be. Dog’s are our passion; Finding not only permanent homes, but the right homes. This philosophy fits nicely with who we are and what we do.


The story of Cookie begins with heartbreak but has a happy ending. A longtime client of Beast Masters, Cookie’s owner tragically passed away. It was on the Beast Masters to find her the perfect home. Tanina and Cookie are now an inseperable pair; Both as happy as they can be!


Energy! That’s what best describes Kase. Luckily he found a home where it won’t be a problem to run and play with all of his new family members.


Keeley is as sweet as she is beautiful. It’s not hard to imagine that she found her perfect home with a loving familyl


Young but very (and I mean very!) intelligent. She’s sweet but make no mistake, boundaries will be tested; This makes no difference to her loving family.


Kya’s tenure at the Beast Masters was short… and no wonder. With such a sweet and loving disposition, she immediately found her forever home!


Joey is full of personality and very smart to boot. There’s no doubt that Joey’s new owners fell instantly and permanently in love with this goofball.