About Us

We are the Beast Masters!

A company focused on the happiness of your pet.

Our mission is to provide individualized and tailored care for every customer.

We understand that just like people, no two dogs are alike.

That’s why we treat every dog individually.

Our goal is to provide your dog with the safest and best way to get:


Some dogs are high energy and need longer walks or even runs.

Some might need to just stretch their legs a bit

Either way Beast Masters has you covered.


Dogs are social creatures. There is no denying it.

Socialization is very important to developing good dog to dog etiquette as well as dog to human etiquette

This is why we recommend dogs be taken out with other dogs.

Mental stimulation, bonding and emotional exercise are just as important as physical exercise.

Bladder Relief

No matter the individual nuances of your dog

One fact remains


We can help you with that.

Leash training

Though we know YOUR dog is perfect,

Sometimes people might get a different impression when seeing them at the end of the leash with little regard for who’s at the handle end.

Through our walking techniques, the pups learn what the rules and boundaries are on the leash.

They also figure out who to listen to. (… p.s. that’s you)